Jeda, (Keir Howeld) a feckless young Australian, lives in rural Hampshire with his girlfriend Stacey (Keeley Mills), until his daily routine of cheap beer and bad TV is alarmingly disrupted by a chance confrontation with the arrogant and pompous Monty (Jonathan Rhodes). Jeda finds that he must prove his own worth to Stacey, to Monty, to the world and to himself. And what better way to achieve this than by starting his own political party. He teams up with his friends Weazel and Tim to save the planet and create world peace. Will he confront his inner demons? Will he keep Stacey? Will he save the planet?

The Ultimate Truth

Winner of the Cannes 24 Hour Film Challenge. Following the following guidelines: within 24 hours make a film less than five minutes long that has the title ‘Towel Talk’ and falls into the genre of ‘mystery’. We actually made the film in 4 hours!

The team set out to write and shoot a feature film in 80 hours. They did it! The title and genre were selected at random then the journey began.

The Story

Richard (David Cann) is a grumpy, lonely, middle-aged novelist with writer's block. When his working-class, sassy neighbour Karen (Lucy Chalkley) comes knocking on his door, his initial disgust turns into affection and she triggers his creativity once more. But Richard's years of isolation have not made him the ideal lover and he struggles to express his affection.

An American dot-com millionaire spends his fortune buying an English soccer team and pursuing his long-lost love.

Chipping Campden (in development)

Breaking the Bank (2014)

Sir Charles Bunbury (Kelsey Grammer) is the bumbling, affable chairman of Tuftons, a two hundred year old British bank. He has survived by being an expert at doing as little as possible and the fact that his wife’s family owns the bank. But the climate has changed and he is caught between two rival acquisition offers from a Japanese bank and a US bank. He risks his fortune to raise the share price and make a deal work, putting his job, the bank and his family at risk.

Starring Kelsey Grammer, Tamsin Greig, Matthew Horne